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The major consequences of creating fake ID cards

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In recent days, there is a huge increase in developing the identification cards that have been altered in any way such as unlawfully manufactured or forged. Usually, this type of false IDs can be widely used to buy alcohol, a club and also get into a concert. Due to the development of false identification, the society can face the several major consequences. Every state should consider the falsification of identity can be a serious offense. Based on the type of fake ID, the individuals can mask their real information such as address, name and credit card details and so on. This is why; people turn to have the fake IDs and using it illegally anywhere.

consequences of fake id cards

This fake ID card can falsely identify a person by name, address, age, date of birth and photography. If you are identified as a false id person, they will charge a fine of up to $500. In addition to, the particular person’s license can also be suspended for 90 days due to a first offense. Likewise, the second offense involves the mandatory license suspension for up to one year, whereas the third offense will incur suspension up to two years. According to the New York Times reports, these fake identification cards can typically cost less amount of $80 to $150 based on the type of ID card. This is also a major reason; why the fake IDs are used highly by people.

The penalties for having these fake ID cards are not well known because most of the fake ID holders do not get chargedproperly. However, the life can seem very easy without any consequences for illegal, actions or otherwise. Whether you are trying to carry a fake ID card, then punishment may be severe once you have caught by the police.

Even many countries like US consider a fake ID card as a misdemeanor. In some states, the fine can be charged more than &500 for using this false ID. In other states, they consider this as a serious felony and put them in a prison for up to 7 years. If you try to swap your real license with the fake one, you will get busted and lose both in some cases.

How to differentiate the real ID cards from fake ID cards?

Basically, the ID cards can be a good indicator of authenticity. In fact, you can easily distinguish the real ID cards from fake ID cards in the US.

The fake US ID cards have some edges that can be lifted or to be peeling. Their layers are buckle while bent slightly. The top surfaces on ID can indicate the photograph or other information. On the other hand, the real US IDs are having uniform edges as well as smooth. They have a complete plastic surface without any layering. Some ids need thumb impression need to be attached to it, in those cases the person having id without real thumb impression is fake.

The fake US IDs have missing one-dimensional barcodes and magnetic strip. This is a common sign of fake ID. The real US IDs have a magnetic strip, which runs horizontally at the back side of ID.

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  1. If you really want to stop fake id cards from being sold openly in the market then, the right way to go would be to educate young kids about the possible consequences of having one. Fake ID websites will always be there if not on the internet you can obtain one from your neighborhood. Little we can do about is that we educate children on the possible law enforcement penalties they can face for obtaining any forms of fake identification.
    Now a days you search on google and there’s like Hundreds of Fake ID websites popping up daily to name a few would be (Example: GreatFakeID, Fake ID UK ) They are all Fake ID vendors while some might not be legit but most are selling one and the same thing.

    1. Exactly! Even piracy (Or we can include it as one), the world had been changed and will continue to change due to the rise of the internet. Yet fear not as we are in the limbo at the moment, we’re in the process of evolving into something new and greater. When we do a search over the internet, most of them are fake providers, you’ve mentioned some and others like greatfakeid.com are some of the legit. Although we cannot say or even the use the word ‘legit’ as we’re talking about something that in the first place isn’t legit.

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