Fake ID Awareness

How can fake ID cards destroy your Business?

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Fake IDs: An undetected cancer for your business

Ok, So Ask Yourself! Do you sell age-restricted products? Products such as Alcohol, Tobacco, Video games, DVDs and/or lotteries are all governed with minimum age restrictions. Selling that pack of cigarettes, the bottle of beer or even a lottery ticket could put your license at risk. This will not only get your license revoked but your business may face heavy fines up to 10,000 Dollars & leaving your business up to civil suits in court.

Would your business survive if your license was revoked?

Why would you rely on looks alone and why put your business in Jeopardy challenge the age of the customer and ask for proof of age. Let’s discuss a scenario where in the course of a busy day in a convenience store all too frequently a store clerk becomes distracted by one of its patrons initiating a sale of an age-restricted product without a professional ID Scanning device. The clerk or the store owner will not be able to detect a fake ID under these conditions as a result they facilitate the sale which later could result in a steep fine civil suit or revoked license. Picture this scenario for a bar owner decision by  inexperienced member of your staff while under pressure when the bar is three deep in  customers is too easy to get fooled and take a fake id as genuine in this one moment could result in the employee staff member facing fines up the $5,000 & face charges in a civil court and a misdemeanor citation along with the business now in court with a black mark against the license.

Businesses Selling Under Age Products Should be Cautious:

The sale of potentially harmful underage consumer products to the children has resulted in criminal liability for store owners. Many retailers are struggling to cope with pressure from local authorities Councils and the government to prevent the sale of age-restricted products to minors.

Sophisticated & Genuine looking Fake ID Cards on the run:

With increasingly sophisticated fake ID cards being freely sold online, if you’re not properly detecting that customers are using fake identification such as a fake drivers license or identification card, you’re jeopardizing your license and your livelihood. The first line of defense to protect you and your business from these unwanted fines and Court appearances is a professional ID Scanner.

Professional low-cost & easy to install ID Scanners:

With technology improving you can now easily get your hands on professional ID scanning devices which are hand held, easy to work & require no professional experience to install. This require no yearly Calibration & most of the new ID Scanners will not store hold any information protecting you from the bass data protection laws so a customer can rest knowing that they are not having their rights violated nor is any data or information being scanned or stored. These devices illuminates and verifies and identification to make sure it is legal and genuine they also have 3 magnifying Windows all three are carefully position which allow you to easily spot the missing micro printing preventing that under way to sale and all of those unwanted fine and punishments so that’s it a professional ID scanning device is your answer for detecting fake IDs and fraudulent documents and keeping your business out of civil suits and cost in your business unnecessary expenses.




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  1. As a bouncer I always had a problem with fake ids coming from websites such as GreatFakeID. The website in general has some of the best licenses for identification and we have generally spotted the fake ones quite comfortably but always on the down low with fakes from this one.

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