Fake ID Awareness

Difference between fake id and real id

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Driver License is becoming easier to forge and fake id is gaining popularity because it is the perfect replica of original one. If you are in a position where you should verify someone identity or age like the teller at a grocery store, check the license for the tobacco sales or bouncer at a club then it is always important that how to detect the fake identification. You are always advisable to examine card carefully and identify relevant safety features before you study cardholder. Basically, each state id is somewhat different from other. You must learn security features which are used on cards in your state and surrounding states.

Identify Fake Id

How fake id is different from real id

In order to know about the difference between fake id and real id then you must follow some effective tips which includes

  • Purchase id checking guide from driver license guide firm because it contains updated information on the license in the United States.
  • Choose any kinds of state published reference. Your state may have published booklet so try to check it with your state department of the motor vehicles.
  • Different kinds of the apps are there which contain ids for all 50 States and it is compatible with all kinds of mobile platform.
  • Each State Government website lists the security features of the issued id card with pictorial representations.

If you are not having id checking guide then you might compare id to one which you know is valid. Compare whether size, thickness, coloring, corners, and lettering are same. A fake id is completely thinner than a legitimate one. Almost all kinds of states are using microprint as the security feature and it looks like a straight line. Based on your state, certain security feature might show up under ultraviolet light. For example, in California, you might see lighter and second image of a cardholder under UV light. A driver license and other kinds of the id is having certain physical description which includes age and eye color. You must remember one thing; there is no universal standard for what kind of the security features that are used on the ids. In a modern world, most of the college students are willing to use fake id for purchasing cigarettes and other kinds of the crimes might be committed by using false identification such as credit fraud, bank fraud, check fraud, immigration fraud, misrepresentation, and social security fraud.

Easiest way to identify fake id from real id

Fake ID Card Makers are now using latest technologies to replicate the original ids and those are not easily detectable without any high-end id card checking devices but the good news is that the micro print is not easily replicated. Normally micro print is extremely small printed text which to the naked eye and it appears to be a solid line. Once it is magnified letters are clear, readable and distinct. Genuine microprint is required at least 10x magnification. In this way, you can easily identify a fake one.

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