Fake ID Awareness

Bouncers Guide to Spot Fake Identification

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So in this blog post, we are going to talk about one of the most important things to check as a bartender and that is how to check a proper form of identification.
Basically, what you are trying to do as a bartender is to save your establishment’s liquor license. An establishment opens up they get a liquor license that allows them to serve alcohol to it’s customers. These things are very hard to come by & very expensive. Basically the agency alcohol beverage control or whatever the state that you live in might be called they issue and then enforce these licenses, and if you get busted serving underage kids too many times then they’ll take your license and you’re basically out of business.

                                                          Major step by step guide to spot a fake id

Jesse Zavadil shows his ID to lead bartender and bouncer Greg Reed Friday night at Sandy’s bar.  Sandy’s bouncers are very strict about checking ID’s. (Dan Eldridge)

So the first thing that we’re going to do is somebody comes up to the bar and they look a little bit young it’s just to ask them if they’re 21 the agency that issues these they will come in with decoys and try to bust you but one of the things that they can’t do is they can’t lie to you so if you ask where they’re decoys at they’re 21, they can’t lie to you about that generally make sure you check your state specific guidelines because there is some variance in that so the first thing to do is just ask him if they’re 21. Next to have a legal form of ID, Generally you are talking about a driver’s license here or it could be an identification card from the state so there’s a couple criteria that we need to have first thing is it needs to be issued from an official licensing body like the state next thing is it needs to have a birthday needs to have an expiration date and it needs to have physical description height and weight eye color and so forth it also needs to say if you have girls parts or boy parts.

                                            Being Familiar with your State ID is very Important
if you’re not familiar with your state’s ID I would say just have an intimate evening at home and get to know your ID feel where there’s ridges hold it up to lights and see where different patterns might form when you shine the light behind it try to find a black light look at it under a black light and just make sure that you’re a bit of a expert on the state license you are going to be working in because this is going to be 99%  of the IDS that you’re going to check and are going to be a river’s license now there are some weird instances where some forms of ID are not acceptable and one of those forms of IDs that can be sometimes not acceptable is a passport which sounds a bit weird because this comes from our government and this should be like the most legit form of ID that you can find but the problem with the passport if you look at it there’s no physical description at all right it’s got your name your birthday issued from the United states of America that’s why there’s no physical description. It doesn’t have height, weight or eye color in here.

                                      Identification without Description can never be trusted
There are some bars and this is usually the case of places have been popped a few times and they’re kind on their last strike and they’re trying to be real careful about losing their license. They might not take form of ID that doesn’t have a physical description. How do you check an ID first thing you want to look for is expiration date don’t start the picture don’t start doing math in your head just look at the expiration date because if the ID is expired then stop you don’t need to go any further they need to have a non expired license for it to be a legal form of identification.

So not expired next thing you want to go to is the birthday now with the birthday, you need to look at the year we have to do a little bit of math and then you also need to check for the day in the month because people will come in the year where somebody is 20 and then they’re turning 21 it will still have that proper 21 year old age you are on it does that make sense so let’s say this month is June and I don’t turn 21 until August but bartenders will be used to just looking at the year so if they’re just paying attention to the year they look at my ID even though in a few months when I turn 21 in August right now it doesn’t count so pay attention when they’re real close right on the cusp and of the year born in the year that they’re 21.

                  Body language of the Customer matters 90% while checking their Identification
So if it’s not expired, the birthday says they’re 21 then the third thing you want to go is the picture so don’t start at the picture because pictures can be weird I am sure you’ve had IDs in the past that might not have been your favorite pictures or maybe you loved your picture but they can change people can change their hair, can lose or gain weight, it can be a drastic difference so you’re basically looking at a few things one you’re looking at the shape of their eyes shave their nose shave their mouth and where their ears line up in correspondence to their eyes so basically the reason that you’re looking at those distinguishing factors is that it doesn’t matter if somebody changes their hairstyle or if they lose or gain weight those parameters generally don’t tend to change so if we have an idea that’s not expired it says they’re 21, and it looks like them and you ask them if they’re 21 they said yes and it all checks out then you’re probably fine now in the process of spotting fake IDs there are some establishments that are real Gung-ho about this and they’ll incentivize you that if you can get a fake ID then they might pay for it and/or brownie points or whatever maybe you work at a club and you have bouncers so you might not even have to worry about it.

                          Face Expressions are very important While using a fake ID

Usually when somebody comes in and they’re underage they have a fake ID you can see it in their face right there poker tells come out and if you come in here underage and you’re using a fake ID maybe you’ve done in the past it can be pretty nerve-racking because you can get in a lot of trouble for using a fake ID so if somebody is acting a little bit weird and you know you’ll kind of get your spider senses of start tingling they’re just something’s a little bit off and make sure you pay attention to those people especially if they look young side a scenario that you need to be careful is if you’re working in establishment and maybe it’s a restaurant there’s a waiting area or maybe it’s kind of just an open floor type bar situation where there may be people that are of age with people that are not of age and if somebody comes up and they try to order multiple drinks let’s say a guy comes up and he orders like five beers you need to have an ID and preferably a person with that ID for every beer or if it’s like a pitcher right that’s another common when they get a pitcher beers or a pitcher of margaritas or sangria or whatever and they’ll ask for four or five glasses so you need to have an ID for every single one of those glasses another.

                                                      Common Misconception about Bouncers

A very common misconception is that bouncers can save you so let’s say you’re working at a club and there’s bouncers at the front door and they’re checking everybody’s IDs that come in let’s say somebody slips in through the front door and they’re underage and you serve them and they get all wasted that kid’s parents come back with the cops they want to press charges because hey serve their kid who is underage who’s going to be in trouble the bouncer or you! well probably both… but ultimately just because the bouncer was checking IDs at the door doesn’t mean that we’re off the hook we’re responsible for everybody that we serve so if you serve somebody underage even if there’s a bouncer at the front door we’re going to be in trouble for that.

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